Women's Health

Women’s Studies and Women’s Cell collaborate with Santokhba Durlabhji Medical Hospital

Women’s Health is an integral part of social existence which neither gets addressed by the society, nor women themselves. Women’s health is taken as Unit in Foundation Women’s Studies. For International Women’s Day a session about Women’s Health was organized in IIS Campus for students of the University. Dr Shweta Gupta, a Gynecologist had an interactive session with the students sharing a few aspects of women’s health.

Dr Shweta Gupta, Gynecologist, SDMH

Students in her session on Women’s Health

Breaking taboos about menstruation she candidly took the students into confidence to share their personal sexual issues with their family doctor. Not go to strangers and to not delay such issues. The medical fraternity has had to deal with teenage pregnancies. She did not want to divulge the enormity of it but her concern and safety of college going girls was obvious when she insisted that they should take precaution and urge partners to take precaution too. She further shared about Cancers prevalent in women many of which can be avoided with preliminary tests. Even being a Gynic her approach was more of prevention and social health for developing healthy womanhood. It was an enriching session for the girls on the path to adulthood, an apt session for celebrating International Women’s Day.

Health Camp for Women (BP, Sugar and Hemoglobin) in collaboration with SDMH Jaipur

Organised by Women’s Cell, Gender Champion Club and NSS

A Free Health Camp for students, faculty and non teaching staff was organized in the campus to celebrate International Women’s Day. NSS volunteers pitched in for the registration and smooth conduction of the camp. There was overwhelming response of students and staff. SDMH had arranged for 250 testing of hemoglobin which got used.