Visit of Research Team from Savitri Bai Phule University


 Visit of Research Team from Savitri Bai Phule University, Pune  for

Research Study on Gender Equality in Higher Education in India



The University has signed an MOU with Brunel University, UK and Department of Women and Gender Studies, Savitri Bai Phule University, Pune to participate in a Research Study on "Gender Equality in Higher Education in India"' on 26 October 2021. This is a two-year research study from March 2021 to March 2023. The consultative committee of IIS (Deemed to be University), comprises of three members Dr. Arti Sharma, Dr. Shweta Kastiya and Dr. Sucharita for smooth conduction of research work. Three research volunteers, Sonali Shrivastava, Manisha Swami and Avesta Verma were also there to assist the researchers in their study. A five member team comprising of Faculty Members and Research Scholars of Savitri Bai Phule University, Pune visited  IISU on April 18 & 19, 2022 to conduct  action research. The team comprised of the following members from Punre University:

  • Dr. Sneha Gole, Assistant Professor, Department of Women Studies
  • Dr. Swati Dyahadroy, Assistant Professor, Department of Women Studies
  • Ms. Sayali Shankar, Research Scholar, Department of Women’s Studies
  • Ms. Bhagyashree, Research Scholar, Department of Women’s Studies
  • Ms. Sinu, Research Scholar, Department of Women’s Studies


Following activities were performed on 18th of April.

  • Focus group interview – FGD was conducted with 10 students of different academic streams. The criterion was to analyze the relevance of gender studies, what are the different methods used to taught gender in classroom, what are the topics which interest the students related to gender. Students participated enthusiastically and put their opinion freely in front of researchers. All the responses were recorded through a voice recorder for future reference.



  • Life Narrative Interview – Three students were interviewed in this section. They were questioned about their life journey beginning from their family background to their schooling, graduation and post-graduation. Incidents which have motivated them to continue the study or incidents which have acted as a barrier in their sacademic journey were discussed. Opinions of students about education and transition from school to college were noted. They were asked what they would have preferred in life if there was no constraint.


  • Interview with Faculty members – Various faculty members from teaching and non-teaching staff were interviewed. Teaching staff was interviewed about their methods of teaching gender in class, how they analyze the performance of students, methods used by the faculty to teach gender related topics and what are the sources used by them?

Curriculum was also discussed. How gender is integrated in syllabus, what is the course material and mode of assessment were discussed.

In-depth Interview – Three Alumnae of IISU were called for in-depth interview. Their family background was discussed. They were asked about females working in their family, community and society. What is their expectation from job, do they feel something missing out due to their job, do they want to work or they are forced to work, what are they doing to prepare themselves for job are some of the questions being asked? The questions were asked to analyze the role of their education and educational institution in getting paid work. The meaning of education and employment for them is asked.


Following Interviews were conducted on 19th April 2022:

  • Walking Interview – Walking Interviews were conducted with 3 students of final year. The researchers took a tour of the college campus and facilities available. Also, the students were questioned about their expectation from college, facilities provided to make safe environment and any facility that students consider necessary but is lacking in college campus. Students share their experience within the campus and how that motivated them towards academics.


  • In-depth Interview -

Few students were interviewed on their insight about gender and how they have observed gender equality in the society. What is their family background in academics, have their mother or grandmother ever worked outside home? The researchers were keen to know about the family support these students are getting for pursuing higher education or to grow in career.

  • Alumnae Interview – An alumna of IISU was interviewed on video call. She shares her experience at the work place. She was questioned on how her education helped her in getting this job? Does she find gender equality at her work place? How the family, educational institution and society helped her to reach where is today.

Overall, the conduction of 2-day research study was smooth and successful. Also, the key points which were highlighted during the process were gender studies, societal norms, and so on. Gender studies is itself a broad area to work and research upon.