Screening of Ted Talk

2 March 2019 Screening of Ted Talk

Women’s Cell, Gender Champion Club, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Women’s Cell and Gender Club periodically organizes gender sensitization sessions in IIS University campus. As part of this gender sensitization process, students of Department of Chemistry, Physics and JMC and student volunteers of Gender Champion Club, and Faculty members of Women’s Cell, saw the Ted Talk screening of Kamla Bhasin’s Patriarchy Dehumanizes men.

Chanda Asani introducing Gender

Screening of Patriarchy Dehumanizes Men

As this Ted Talk is comprehensive about the issue it have been used to interact with diverse groups in the campus. Each time the response has been wonder for getting to see the familiar but expressed tongue in cheek! That there are mostly men Vice Chancellors, men judges and men owning property, is known to most, and accepted, unless said together with a percentage attached to it and that these are positions of power.

Women’s Cell Faculty members

And students of Science and Gender Club members

Patriarchy oppresses women in various degrees but only when it is known that it dehumanizes men it comes as a revelation. It creates need for relooking issues and changing accepted views. When viewers can laugh with the speaker then they can associate with the clip the Ted Talk starts with – a baul singer asking, Oh Soul, tell me if you are man or woman?’ Then the layers of construction of gender, gives way for restructuring equality.