Bandhan: The Alumnae Association

It has almost been sixteen years since the first batch of ICG graduated and bid farewell to its alma mater. It is one of the happiest occasions for an educational institution to see its products grow, mature and do well in life, facing all its challenges armed with knowledge, courage and zeal. ICG, which was founded in 1995, with just 53 students, has since grown and flourished over the years. The popularity of the institution can be good-fathomed by the ever-growing number of students coming from various parts of India and abroad to study here and live up to the traditions academic of excellence, as laid down its alumnae. The institution has a vibrant alumnae association called “Bandhan” that fosters and strengthens the bond of love, friendship and understanding among the alumnae themselves and between them and the college. All the ex-students, who are the torch bearers and trend setters, have set high standards of academic achievements and excellence in extra-curricular in activities. They act as an inspiration to the present generation of students. As members of the body, they are extended certain privileges such as a policy which allows them an easy access to the library and other research facilities. They are also encouraged to interact with current students through guest lectures/discussions and are invited to be a part of all the cultural as well as academic events that take place on campus. Members are encouraged to associate with their alma mater twice a year- once for an Annual Dance Party and then for an Alumnae Meet cum Get Together to renew old ties. Thus, once a student enters the portals of IISU, she becomes a member of an extended family of which she remains an integral part for times to come.