International Women's Day Programme

nternational Women’s Day Programme

7-8 March 2019 Poster Exhibition

Jointly organized by Women’s Cell, Gender Champion Club and NSS

Semester VI Arts and Arts Honours students have Foundation Women’s Studies as a compulsory course. The pattern of evaluation has class assignments for each units as a category. For one of the Units they are expected to make charts on Women’s Rights without using words. Women’s Studies is the study of underprivileged perspective. The students being in education have to consider those who cannot read and express creatively women’s rights. The posters they make are exhibited for 2 days in campus as part of celebrating International Women’s Day. It is a pleasure to see the creativity of students when posed with something as unexpected. Few students take help from internet, few bring out the obvious selection, some make attempts at trying something new and some create extraordinary expressions, altogether making each year worth waiting for their creative upsurge.

The students who come to see are wonderstruck by the concepts. Students from different departments and NSS volunteers came to see the exhibition. Women’s Studies elective students tried to evaluate the posters. Journalism and Mass communication students saw it from their perspective.

Women’s Studies Students evaluating posters